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Understanding how to design, implement, and maintain a Security Risk Management System (SRMS) is vital for effective security risk management. The SRMBOK Guide to Management Systems serves as a comprehensive resource, bridging the gap between generic guidelines and the specific needs of security risk management.


While it aligns with international standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 45000, and ISO 14000, and is particularly cohesive with the ISO 31000 family and ISO 28000:2022, it transcends their broad strokes by offering detailed, actionable strategies for SRMS implementation.


This guide is not just about security risk management. Its principles are applicable across a spectrum of management systems, making it a foundational tool for any organization focused on health, safety, environment, and risk as well as general management. 


The SRMBOK Guide to Management Systems is crafted for senior managers, risk professionals, and policymakers. It lays out a pragmatic approach to designing, implementing, and sustaining an SRMS that not only protects but enhances organizational capability and resilience.


Acknowledging the dynamic nature of management systems, it encourages the reader to view this guide as a starting point to augment and refine existing structures with new insights and strategies.


Remember, management systems are ever-evolving landscapes of improvement and adaptation. Whether your organization is building its SRMS from scratch or looking to bolster an existing framework, this guide offers invaluable insights, tools, and best practices tailored to security risk management's unique challenges and opportunities.


SRMBOK Guide to Management Systems

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