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One of the biggest challenges in managing electronic access control systems is keeping permissions up-to-date.


This procedure addresses that issue by laying out a simple process to send monthly reports to access sponsors, enabling timely review and adjustment of access rights. This extraordinarily easy to introduce procedure adds a layer of proactive security that is often overlooked.


This digital guide provides a streamlined process to identify, rectify, and prevent unauthorized access in your organization, fortifying your security stance.



  • Fully Editable: The entire procedure is crafted in MS Word format, allowing you to modify it to meet your organization's unique requirements.

  • Step-by-Step Guidelines: Our audit procedure comes with a clear outline of tasks to be performed, with a focus on key areas such as role-based access, system vulnerabilities, and compliance with industry standards.

  • Monthly Reporting Template: Includes a standard monthly report format to assist night shift officers in generating and sending current access status to designated access sponsors.

  • Automated Checklists: Equipped with automated checklists to facilitate quick audits and ensure nothing gets missed.

  • Audit Trails: The procedure covers methods to record all changes made, allowing you to trace back actions if needed.



  • Up-to-Date Security: With our monthly reporting feature, you can keep your access permissions current and eliminate the risk of former staff or contractors retaining unnecessary access.

  • Compliance Assurance: The procedure aligns with leading industry standards and regulations, helping your organization avoid penalties and secure client trust.

  • Time-Saving: Designed for ease of use, our guide enables swift audit processes, freeing up your resources for other vital tasks.

  • Flexibility: The editable nature of this digital download ensures it can adapt as your organization grows or undergoes changes.

  • Risk Mitigation: By performing regular audits, you can spot vulnerabilities and rectify them before they escalate into security incidents.


How It Works:

  • Purchase and Download: Complete your purchase to receive an instant digital download of the audit procedure.

  • Customize: Open the document in MS-Word and edit it according to your organization’s specific needs.

  • Implement: Start using the procedure immediately to carry out systematic and regular audits of your electronic access control systems.

  • Review and Adapt: Use the monthly reporting template to keep your procedure current and adapt as needed for continual improvement.

Electronic Access Control System Audit Procedure

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