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This Guide to SRMBOK is focused on the management of explosives incidents (bombs).


The objective of this ‘Guide to SRMBOK’ is to help readers understand and mitigate the risks associated with explosives and effectively apply security risk management strategies in an integrated and cohesive fashion.


It has been written in such a way as to stand alone so far as possible. However, it is assumed that most readers will be familiar with the concepts and definitions described in the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK).


Bombs are not just a source of fear; they can cause devastating damage within seconds. The immense energy released during an explosion can destroy buildings, IT systems, vehicles, and equipment while tragically injuring or even taking lives. The impact of a bomb can be as catastrophic as an industrial accident or natural disaster, yet it is a deliberate act of human intent.


As Security Risk Managers, you face significant challenges in mitigating bomb incidents. Explosives are often easily accessible or can be manufactured from everyday materials. The bomber has full control over the motive, target, placement, activation method, and timing of the attack. They don't need to be at the scene during the explosion.


The disruptive potential of a bomb far outweighs its cost, making it an attractive option for causing chaos and garnering attention. Every asset within your organization is vulnerable to the destructive power of an explosive event.


Bombs offer offenders the ability to inflict significant damage without significant financial investment. Whether driven by political, criminal, or social motives, the threat of a bomb is a potent tool that can be wielded with minimal resources and maximal impact.


Managing bomb incidents falls squarely on the shoulders of management-level personnel. Decisions must be made swiftly, with limited information and time. However, with the development of appropriate procedures and thorough security risk analysis, you can establish an effective bomb incident management capability specific to your organization.


To empower your organization and enhance its preparedness, Don Williams has created this guide on bomb incident management. This invaluable resource will equip you with the knowledge and procedures necessary to safeguard your people and assets against bomb threats.

SRMBOK Guide to Managing Explosives Threats

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