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Streamline Your Risk Management with the SRMBOK Guide to the 30-Day Risk Assessment


OK, you probably won't do a risk assessment in 30 days. At least not the first time. But if you follow this proven methodology, even if the timeframe slips a little, it will still probably be a lot faster than your last risk assessment. 


It's a lot of information so to help make it a bit more digestible, there is a short video (more of a mini training course really) on YouTube at this link.


So here it is. Unlock the potential of efficient and effective risk management with the SRMBOK Guide to the 30-Day Risk Assessment. Designed for skilled practitioners in the digital age, this comprehensive package is your essential toolkit for conducting accelerated risk assessments.


Whether you are a seasoned risk assessor or a facilitative leader in your organization, this guide offers a tried and proven approach to navigating complex risk landscapes swiftly and strategically.


What's Included:

  • The SRMBOK Guide (PDF & MS Word Formats): Delivered in both PDF and editable Microsoft Word formats for ease of use and customization. Dive deep into detailed methodologies, best practices, and step-by-step instructions tailored for rapid deployment.
  • Workshop PowerPoint File: A meticulously prepared PowerPoint file to facilitate Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, designed to engage stakeholders effectively and ensure collaborative input.
  • Final Product Presentation File: A PowerPoint template to present the final risk assessment findings clearly and compellingly, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and informed.
  • Draft Emails & Facilitator Guides: Ready-to-use email templates to prepare participants effectively alongside facilitator guides for each step of the process. These tools help streamline preparation, communication, and execution, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Checklists & Project Plan: Comprehensive checklists and a detailed project plan to keep your assessment on track. These tools help manage the process smoothly and ensure that no critical element is overlooked.


Benefits of Using the SRMBOK Guide:

  • Customizable and User-Friendly: Tailor the content to fit your organization's unique context, making the risk assessment relevant and targeted.
  • Efficient Use of Time: With tools and resources at your fingertips, significantly cut down on preparation time and focus more on analysis and stakeholder engagement.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Interaction: Foster a collaborative environment with workshop templates and facilitation guides designed to promote active participation and constructive feedback.
  • Streamlined Process: The step-by-step project plan and checklists guide you through the entire process, ensuring a comprehensive approach to risk management within a condensed timeframe.


This guide is not just a methodology; it is a pathway to enhancing your organization's risk management capabilities quickly and effectively.


Embrace the digital age with the SRMBOK Guide to the 30-Day Risk Assessment and transform how you handle risk assessments today.


Visit to get your copy and start revolutionizing your risk management processes!

SRMBOK Guide to the 30 Day Risk Assessment

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