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Tackling the Intractable: The SRMBOK Guide to Treating Complex Risks

Some risk treatments are self-evident. If you have a hole in the fence or the firewall, you fix it. If a procedure is out of date, you update it. The risk and the risk treatment are obvious.


This guide isn't about those risks. It focuses on developing treatments for the most challenging risks. Risk where solutions are not immediately apparent or easy to agree on. These are the risks that linger, the persistent threats that defy simple fixes. The SRMBOK Guide is specifically designed for these intricate challenges.

Beyond the simpler risks lies a territory marked by complexity and ambiguity. Here, risks are borne from convoluted systems and unpredictable variable interactions, demanding more than just quick fixes—they require a robust, methodical approach to untangle and manage effectively.

The SRMBOK Guide to Treating Complex Risks offers a structured methodology to navigate the complexities of risk treatment. It's an approach that doesn't shy away from the complexity of persistent risk factors but provides a clear pathway to developing and implementing effective solutions.

SRMBOK Guide to Treating Complex Risks

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