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Never compromise on safety when travelling. The SRMBOK Personal Travel Safety Plan is an invaluable 2-page fully editable MS Word template designed to provide all the tools to prepare for a safe journey wherever you, your co-workers, or your family may venture.


The first page provides a comprehensive checklist covering key areas, such as pre-travel preparations, emergency contacts, and critical information management. We designed it to address the most crucial travel safety factors, such as arranging reliable transportation, managing your digital footprint, and preparing for potential internet unavailability.


The second page includes space for your emergency contacts, as well as guidance and information sources to help you research your travel destinations.


Here's what this easy-to-use template includes:

  • Transportation arrangements – You will be guided on how to organize your transportation, from confirming your mobile phone connectivity to turning on international roaming.
  • Essential contact details – The template provides designated areas to store important contact details for transportation services, accommodations, and emergency services in your destination city or country.
  • Personal data – A section for your passport details, consulate/embassy contacts, and emergency numbers to ensure you're never caught off-guard.


Whether you're an employer concerned about your employees' well-being, a friend looking out for your travel buddies, or a parent ensuring your family's safety, the SRMBOK Personal Travel Safety Plan is your reliable travel companion. Remember, safety isn't expensive, it's priceless. Download now and enjoy your journeys with confidence and peace of mind.

SRMBOK Personal Travel Safety Plan

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