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Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and ensure your organization is aligned with proven standards using the SRMBOK NIST CSF v1.1 Cyber Maturity Assessment Tool. Even though the NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1 has been superseded by Version 2, many organizations continue to rely on the robust, time-tested protocols of v1.1.


This spreadsheet has dropdown menus and free text fields for comments to semi-automate the self-assessment process against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1 maturity model. The video tour shows you a full run-through of how it works.


The fields that you use to record the ratings and comments are fully editable, while the rest is locked down to avoid accidentally deleting any critical information


This tool is designed to help your business seamlessly evaluate and enhance your cybersecurity posture using the v1.1 framework, providing a clear roadmap for compliance and security excellence.


Ideal for organizations still operating within the v1.1 framework or planning a gradual migration to v2, this tool is ideal to help you simplify the process of maintaining a resilient and compliant cybersecurity posture.


You can find an overview of the differences from v1.1 to v2.0 at this link.

SRMBOK NIST CSF v1.1 Cyber Maturity Assessment Tool

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