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Connecting with security risk management professionals is no simple task. It's even more challenging to engage them in a manner that fosters trust, particularly as traditional online marketing becomes increasingly crowded.

Today's security risk managers prioritize controlling their content feeds and shaping the algorithms that influence what they see. They are discerning consumers who:

  • Choose ad-free media platforms.

  • Use tools like Adblock to avoid disruptions.

  • Often employ a second screen or mute ads completely, effectively ignoring traditional advertisements.


Additionally, competing against the financial clout of Fortune 500 companies in ad auctions is formidable. Advertising costs are rising faster than inflation.


The SRMBOK Newsletter


The SRMBOK newsletter is purpose-built for security and risk management professionals. We deliver weekly resources and updates that broaden and deepen the security risk management body of knowledge. If you'd like to subscribe or look at past editions, click the 'Newsletter' link at the top of this page.


We advocate for a more effective approach to online marketing—one that is mutually beneficial. Over the years, we've developed resources and initiatives that resonate deeply with global security and risk management professionals. These efforts enhance their careers, bolster their organizations, and safeguard our communities.


Our commitment to maintaining the trust and authority we've established with our audience is unwavering. We ensure that every piece of content we share upholds the highest standards of quality and relevance.


Why Sponsor the SRMBOK Newsletter?


Partnering with SRMBOK sends a strong message that you are committed to the profession. The newsletter offers a prime opportunity for high-value brand awareness that allows you to tap into our "trust equity" and engage your ideal audience from a position of recognized authority and trust.


We invite you to join us as a sponsor and partner, to connect with a valuable audience while also supporting the ongoing development of the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK).



We value our audience and are selective about who we partner with. If we find that our goals align, we'd be thrilled to help you reach your perfect audience through a trusted and authoritative channel.

How our newsletter compares

SRMBOK Newsletter is an unusual publication. We write specifically for security managers, CSOs, CISOs, security risk management consultants, and professionals committed to professional development and keeping updated with the growing security risk management body of knowledge.


  • We are a shorter form and image light newsletter. Sponsor placements do include an image. Copy for all placements are short form.

  • Send us the weblink you would like to share and we can craft the text around it.

  • By default we include our own UTM parameters to our outgoing links. Please let us know if you want to add your own.‍

  • We are planning more newsletters with similar audiences in our network. Let us know if you need more reach for your brand or product! 

Single Edition

Top position in Strategies & Tactics, Tools & Resources, Quick Links, or Hot Jobs.

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Provide us your URL for an event, resource or link for placements available in our newsletter issues.

Please get in touch to discuss the available options. 


Premium Single Edition

One only spot per week above Headlines & News section. Published in the first available newsletter, unless you require a specific date.

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If you have a newsworthy item, we can place it in the top three of the Headlines & News section. 

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Annual Sponsor

Recognition at the top and bottom of the newsletter for 50 editions. Maximum of four annual sponsors. Includes one edition of Premium Single Edition recognition.

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As an annual sponsor, your company name appears at the top and bottom of every newsletter. 

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Events & Conferences

Three months (14 editions) placement in the Events section.

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As an event sponsor, your event details appear in every newsletter for 14 editions.

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Get in Touch

Get in touch via this form or book and pay for a placement. If your offering is not a good fit for our subscribers, we will refund your payment.

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