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Unlock the Power of Advanced Scenario Modelling in Security Risk Management

Could you have predicted the 9/11 attacks, Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack, the 2008 Mumbai Attacks,  or the 2023 Hamas-Israel conflict? If so, how would you go about predicting them, or something like them? What security incidents are looming in the near future?


Our team has decades of experience conducting scenario modeling and futures analysis. This short guide can give you a head start in explaining the why, what, and how of security scenario modelling. And not least of all, save you the time learning from our mistakes. :-)


Delve into the world of strategic security risk management with the "SRMBOK Guide to Scenario Modelling."


This practical guide is an essential tool for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and application of scenario modeling in the context of security risk management. Crafted by experts in the field, this guide is tailored to empower risk managers, security professionals, and organizational leaders.

Key Features:

  1. In-Depth Exploration: Understand the nuances of scenario modeling in security risk management. From the basics to advanced concepts, this guide covers it all.
  2. Practical Techniques and Tools: Equipped with practical tools and techniques, this guide transforms theory into actionable strategies, helping you anticipate and prepare for various security challenges.
  3. Real-World Case Studies: Learn from a diverse range of case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of scenario modeling in different industries and situations.
  4. Expert Insights: Gain insights from seasoned professionals with decades of experience in risk management, offering you tried-and-tested methods and innovative approaches.
  5. Interactive Elements: Engaging activities, templates, and checklists ensure an interactive learning experience, aiding in applying concepts to real-life scenarios.

Whether you're looking to enhance your organization's resilience against security threats or elevate your professional risk management skills, the "SRMBOK Guide to Scenario Modelling" is your go-to resource. Ideal for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this guide presents a wealth of knowledge and inspires innovative thinking in tackling security risks.

Step into the Future of Security Risk Management — Add the SRMBOK Guide to Scenario Modelling to your toolkit today!

SRMBOK Guide to Scenario Modelling

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