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Managing security activities involving Intellectual Assets requires a solid understanding of security, fraud and risk management concepts as well as a background in Business and Intellectual Property Law. This guide is designed to extend the SRMBOK principles and practices to assist security protection of intellectual property. 


For security practitioners working in a research environment it is also critical to possess a
deep level of understanding around how R&D activities are performed and in particular, the softer issues, such as organizational culture, which underpins the interaction of research teams.


Security practitioners working in, or with, knowledge-creating organisations will experience a distinctly different organisational culture and method of operation when compared to organisations that are not focused on the generation of knowledge. Without these understandings, it is likely that any security program aimed at protecting intellectual assets will be either poorly conceived, or poorly received and therefore inadequately implemented.


This is often overlooked by practitioners within the security domain, as the roles of knowledge generation, knowledge capture and knowledge protection are not easily integrated.

SRMBOK Guide to Intellectual Assets

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