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🌟 Welcome to the SRMBOK Cybersecurity Review Tool – In Fully Editable Excel Format! 🌟


Combine the power of not one but three cybersecurity assessment tools in a single spreadsheet. Plus, benefit from a bonus 10-point control effectiveness assessment tool!


💻 As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, ensuring that your organization's cybersecurity posture aligns with best practices is paramount. The SRMBOK Cybersecurity Review Tool, meticulously crafted in Excel, is your essential companion on this journey.


🔥 Key Highlights:


  • Comprehensive Checklist: A robust checklist of controls gives you a crystal-clear picture of where you stand.
  • ISO27000 Review: Align your cybersecurity measures with ISO27000 standards, the gold standard in information security management.
  • 100 pt Scorecard: Visually assess and score your cybersecurity strengths and areas for improvement. Make impactful decisions with clarity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Seamlessly navigate through the tool, designed keeping usability in mind.
  • Customizable Cells: Flexibility at its best! Adjust and modify as per your organization's unique needs.
  • Instant Insights: With integrated formulas and scoring, get an immediate snapshot of your security health.


🛡️ Whether you're a fledgling startup aiming to kick-start your cybersecurity strategy or a seasoned enterprise aiming for continuous improvement, our tool makes it tangible. With this Excel wizardry, you can pinpoint vulnerabilities, track progress over time, and confidently assert your organization’s commitment to cybersecurity.


🎯 In the realm of digital defense, you can't manage what you can't measure. Elevate your cybersecurity stance with the SRMBOK Cybersecurity Review Tool.


Empower your cybersecurity journey with precision and insight. Download now and fortify your digital fortress! 🚀

SRMBOK Cybersecurity Review Tool

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