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Spearphishing Alert: Three Common Scams to Be Aware Of


A tipsheet for your company newsletter or your family. The text below is also useful for a newsletter article.


1. Impersonation Scams

  • What Are They? Scammers impersonate trusted entities like banks or service companies, often via phone or SMS, to request personal information or financial actions.
  • Global Trend: A significant portion of reported scams globally involve some form of impersonation.
  • How to Protect Yourself:
    • Be skeptical of requests to transfer funds or share sensitive information.
    • Never share passwords.
    • Avoid using contact details from unsolicited messages.
    • Always verify through official channels like company websites.


2. Investment Scams

  • Growing Concern: These sophisticated scams promise quick, high returns and are difficult to recognize.
  • Common Types:
    • Unsolicited investment offers (cryptocurrencies, fake bonds, misleading IPOs).
    • Fake celebrity endorsements.
    • Dubious schemes involving early access to retirement funds or similar financial products.


3. Buyer/Seller Scams

  • Online Marketplace Risks: Increased scam activities on popular selling platforms.
  • Signs of a Scam:
    • Sellers or buyers without a profile photo.
    • Prices that seem unrealistically low or high.
    • Requests for personal information.
    • Overpayment scams and requests for refunds.
    • Payment demands via unorthodox methods like gift cards or prepaid shipping labels.


Stay Alert, Stay Secure

  • Key Takeaway: Awareness and vigilance are your primary defenses against spearphishing.

Spearphishing Tipsheet

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