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The SRMCP designation is synonymous with comprehensive knowledge and practical proficiency in SRM principles, methodologies, and best practices. To preview the requirements, please download the application form which is available from the SRMCP page.


Your application for the Security Risk Management Certified Professional (SRMCP) requires evidence of your capability and experience. It is likely to take significant time to complete your application; however, unlike other certifications, there are no annual or ongoing fees once completed. It is a lifetime credential. 


The assessment is a rigorous process conducted by a board of three SRMCPs. The credential is intended as the highest, most respected professional certification in Security Risk Management (SRM), so we may need to request more information during this process. Please be patient, as the typical timeframe for assessment is 14 to 21 days.


This credential is aimed at professionals who have showcased profound expertise, experience, and commitment to security risk management. It recognizes the holder's comprehensive knowledge of SRM principles, methodologies, and best practices and their practical application in diverse, real-world contexts.


Achieving the SRMCP certification is challenging and requires a substantial commitment from security risk management professionals. It is not just about displaying theoretical knowledge; it's about demonstrating the skills and experience to manage security risks in complex and evolving environments. The SRMCP certification is based on the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK), ensuring that the holder is proficient in all key aspects of SRM.


To ensure the integrity of this pinnacle accreditation, applicants must accumulate a minimum of 100 points based on their educational qualifications, professional certifications, and years of experience in the field.


The application form for the SRMCP certification will collect detailed information about the applicant's qualifications, certifications, and work experience. Applicants are expected to prove their achievements and validate their work experience where necessary.


Please note: Only purchase this item if you intend to apply for the SRMCP. Please refer to the SRMCP menu on this website to review the application process details before purchasing.

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