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Unlock the Power of Consistent Visibility: Become an Annual Sponsor of the SRMBOK Newsletter


The newsletter doesn't run entirely on caffeine and electrons. Your support helps make critical security risk management information available weekly in bite-sized chunks for 15,000 subscribers.


It is a win-win for supporters also, as it gets your brand, product, or service in front of key decision-makers 50 times per year, 750,000 times per year, or as we like to think of it - a total of 1.5 million eyeball exposures.


In 40 weeks, it has grown from 0 to 15,000 subscribers. Who knows how many people will be receiving it in 12 months' time?


Why Sponsor for a Year?


We know from experience that we need several exposures or recommendations before we trust a brand. Utilize the proven psychology of recognition bias with the SRMBOK Newsletter's annual sponsorship.


Through consistent, weekly exposure to our engaged audience of risk management professionals, your brand will not just be seen—it will become a familiar, trusted presence.


Here's why this matters


  • Build Unshakable Trust: Regular exposure over a year ingrains your brand in our readers' consciousness, fostering a level of trust and preference that sporadic advertising can't match.
  • Cultivate Preference: Familiarity breeds preference. As our readers see your brand week after week, your products or services become their go-to choice, subtly steering decisions in your favor.
  • Maximize Impact with Cognitive Ease: Frequent visibility ensures your message is processed more smoothly and remembered more readily, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication.
  • Leverage the Social Proof: Being part of a respected, niche publication like the SRMBOK Newsletter elevates your brand and capitalizes on the social validation inherent in our specialized community.


Join Us for the Journey


Committing to an annual sponsorship with the SRMBOK Newsletter is not just an investment in advertising—it enables us to continue producing the newsletter. This is a fundamental demonstration of your commitment to quality and continuous improvement in security risk management. 


This annual option offers an unparalleled opportunity to maintain a constant presence in the minds of over 15,000 global professionals for an entire year. That's 50 editions of the newsletter. 


Here's what's included


  • Prominent Name Placement: Your name or brand will be featured at the top and bottom of every newsletter email for 12 months (50 editions), ensuring maximum visibility from when our subscribers open their messages.
  • Enduring Mention: Each newsletter will conclude with a special mention of your sponsorship, reinforcing your commitment to the security and risk management community and keeping your brand in the spotlight.
  • Strategic Exposure: With your name at the forefront of every issue and a concluding mention, your brand benefits from continuous exposure, fostering long-term recognition and credibility among industry professionals.


Getting Started is Easy


  • Add To Cart: Either pay for the sponsorship online or email us for a copy of the Insertion Order if you prefer to pay by invoice or have questions.
  • Insertion Order: After purchasing, download the Insertion Order template, complete it, and email with your URL and brand name preferences.


Annual sponsorship is a statement of your brand's commitment to supporting excellence and leadership in security risk management.


Please Note: We only accept a limited number of concurrent annual sponsors, and as our readership expands, so will the price of annual sponsorship , so there will never be a better time to click that button.

Annual Sponsor

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