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The Full Story

SRMBOK results from a strategic partnership between RMIA, JBS, and the Australian Government. SRMBOK has been created to provide a body of knowledge for security risk management professionalism and enhance community and organizational resilience.


And the book

SRMBOK has been developed by industry and subject matter experts to integrate security practice areas and methodologies in a single source toolkit and reference guide for consultants, managers and practitioners. SRMBOK was developed through strategically focused R&D to integrate existing better practice from a range of management disciplines and provide new insights into a framework containing:

  • Standard descriptions for security risk management processes

  • A framework of relationships among the standard processes

  • Standard metrics to measure process performance

  • Management practices that produce best-in-class performance

  • Standard alignment to features and functionality

SRMBOK achieves the convergence, synergy, synthesis, and integration of generally accepted better practice from a range of management disciplines, including ISO31000:2018 Risk Management Standard and unclassified elements of Australian, United Kingdom, and United States Government SRM Frameworks.


The SRMBOK integration framework and security risk assessment methodology integrate a range of models, including the Carver Methodology for Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment, FEMA426 (Mitigation of Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings), HB167 Security Risk Management Handbook, Capability Maturity Model, ISO28000 Supply Chain Security, Supply- Chain Reference model (SCOR), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Six Sigma, ISO9001, PRINCE2, Balanced Scorecard, Procurement Frameworks, and the ISO27000 series.

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Julian has 35 years international experience up to and including Director level and C-Suite in the commercial, government, and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and internationally.

His background includes roles as Manager of Property & Security for the Australian government’s most extensive international network, Security Manager for Australia’s largest natural resources project, Senior Risk Adviser for Australia’s largest health organization, Operations Manager for a geological exploration operation in East Africa, Head of Risk for an Indonesian mining operation, CEO of a $30 million IT systems integrator, as well as co-founder and Divisional Manager for a $350 million ASX listed entity,

Julian is internationally recognized for his security and risk management expertise. His experience includes roles in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. He was awarded the Australian Security Medal for Conspicuous Service for his service to the security profession in Australia. Julian is one of only five people accredited by the Security Professionals Registry of Australasia as a Registered Security Professional (RSecP) in all five categories of Physical, Personnel, Information/Communications, Security Risk Management, and Security Enterprise Management.

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For over 27 years, Miles has advised senior business leaders and Government officials, including representing countries in ministerial-level forums. He was Citadel’s Managing Director since the Company’s inception.

His key skills cover business strategy, program management, security risk management, and staff development. Miles has significant overseas experience with multinational companies in sales, marketing, and business development capacities with full profit and loss responsibilities.

Miles has a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Asian Studies and a Ph.D. in Business Leadership. He has also completed the AICD Advanced Diploma Mastering the Boardroom and the AICD Diploma of International Company Directors, plus holds an Advanced Diploma in Project Management.

Miles is a visiting Fellow at the Australian National University and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the ACT’s Capital Angels. He is also a member of the not-for-profit Kokoda Foundation and Midnight Basketball Australia.

It takes a team to write a body of knowledge

SRMBOK was developed by practitioners who donated their time and knowledge for the profession's advancement rather than their own personal gain. A special thanks must go to the Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) and Jakeman Business Solutions (JBS), which provided the lead authors and project managers to compile the numerous articles and comments received and financially underwrote SRMBOK.

A few people also rendered assistance far beyond the call of duty, and we owe a special debt to Bob Ross, Jason Brown, Konrad Buczynski, Spanky Kirsch, Lee Hutchison, and Don Williams for their countless comments, suggestions, and honest feedback.


We would also like to acknowledge the generous assistance and contributions of the following security risk management professionals who gave so generously of their time and knowledge:

• Adam Fitzpatrick
• Allan Halsey
• Allen Fleckner
• Anthony Moorehouse

• Anthony Northover

• Athol Yates
• Bernard Peorschke

• Bob Ross
• Brendan Rasmussen

• Brian Kelly
• Brian Roylett
• Broughton Steele
• Charles Bishop
• Clive Williams
• Dai Hockaday
• Damien Hunt
• David Schofield
• David Van Lambaart

• Deborah Watkins
• Don McLean
• Don Williams
• Donna O’Brien
• Frazer Holmes
• Garry Young
• Geoff Harris
• Gerold Knight
• Glen Gardiner
• Glen Morgan

• Grant Whitehorn

• Ian Gordon
• Jason Brown
• Jeff Corkill

• Jim Allen
• John-Martin Collett

• John Greaves
• John Green
• Julian Claxton
• Julian Gaillard
• Katherine Krilov
• Konrad Buczynski

• Leigh Dixon
• Keith Mills
• Le-Anne Jakeman
• Lee Hutchison
• Lennon Hopkins
• Lloyd Masters
• Mark Edmonds
• Mark Dinnison
• Mark Golsby
• Mark Jarratt
• Mark Patch
• Mark Wylie
• Michael MacLean
• Michael Roach
• Mike Rothery
• Neil Connell

• Neil Porter
• Noel Mungovan
• Pam McGilvray
• Paul Curwell
• Paul Longley
• Phil Taleulei
• Phillip Carr
• Rex Stevenson, AO

• Richard Turner
• Rob Krauss
• Rob Smart
• Robert Sadleir
• Roger Fitzgerald
• Ross Babbage
• Ry Crozier
• Scott Petrie
• Shane Cassidy
• Spanky Kirsch
• Steven Hancock
• Steve Rohan-Jones

• Stewart Hayes
• Susan Trappett
• Tonya Graham
• Tim Green
• Tony Pierce
• Tony Solomon
• Wayne Olsen

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